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Title: Say Yes to Me Artist: Surfer Blood 189 plays

So a lot of people think Surfer Blood’s latest is derivative or lacking in growth…but as a longtime Weezer fan, I can’t help but love the overt influence of the Blue Album (even Green, maybe? Maladroit?) on it. I’m really digging this song in particular.

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Title: Across The Sea Artist: Weezer 1,003 plays


Weezer - Across The Sea

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Title: Falling For You Artist: Weezer 1,755 plays

Weezer | Falling For You

I’m shakin’ at your touch
I like you way too much
My baby I’m afraid I’m falling for you
I’d do ‘bout anything to get the hell out alive
or maybe I would rather settle down with you

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Title: Holiday Artist: Weezer 43 plays


Weezer - Holiday

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