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i’ll be on the radio from now until midnight EST, so tune in! i’ll be playing tokyo police club, los campesinos!, jawbreaker, frank ocean, leonard cohen and a whole bunch more, so if that sounds like even kind of a good time to you, you should totally click the link and listen.

Title: Graves Artist: Tokyo Police Club 29 plays


Tokyo Police Club - Graves

‘Cause you’re trading me for the lump sum
You try but I’ll never be a gentleman
You’re trading me for the lump sum
You try but you only ever treat the symptoms

Okay, so I always hear “We’ll be glad your mother died” as “Me me quack your mother lied.” Am I the only one? It really REALLY sounds like “quack” OKAY.

Title: In A Cave Artist: Tokyo Police Club 339 plays

In A Cave | Tokyo Police Club

All my hair grows in
Wrinkles leave my skin
But still, don’t fade
I’ll be back again when the tide is in some day


NYNOISE.TV| mc steinberg interview TOKYO POLICE CLUB [x]


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The Tokyo Police Club setlist I got at the end of their Keloha show

new songs? “argentina” + “directions”!

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This is it. This is the only thing that matters.

"Juno" by TPC


lul dave is so muscular

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Oh, Dave Monks, why can’t you just marry me already?

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