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u got me trippin








clumsy cause im fallin in lo-ove

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April Ludgate + outfits requested by anon

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ben wyatt in
↳ 6.20, one in 8000

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just, can i high five you?

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i think the parks season finale would have been an amazing and perfect series finale, but i do have to say that the fact that it’s not is super exciting too. lately i’ve been feeling a little frustrated with the show but the back half of the season and then the finale especially has pretty much assuaged all fears and reminded me that this really is my favorite show on tv.

allegra works through her parks and rec backlog

episode 18: “prom”

  • leslie could have been a five college sista
  • ben as a dj I CANNOT I CANNOT I CANNOT
  • again, it’s “shabba” by a$ap ferg not “shabba ranks” but either way yes that song is a banger

i am so so behind on parks and rec and everyone keeps talking about the finale and i have avoided spoilers so far but it sounds so epic and i have to watch it but ugh internship crap UGH UGH UGH