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Today I took a walk around my neighborhood and on my way back home I saw this very tanned, middle aged guy sitting in his parked car with the door open blasting “She Blinded Me With Science” and that was easily the highlight of my day

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this is bad

  • my mom: what's the name of that serial rapist who worked in a chocolate factory?
  • my dad and i, in unison: willy wonka?
Title: Dream Scream Artist: Daniel Johnston 369 plays


Daniel Johnston - Dream Scream

Look who I found at the Neutral Milk Hotel concert lawl

"You should write, ‘I thought it smelled like shit in here’" - @500daysofeffyou

Today I:
Exited the subway station when I was supposed to switch trains, forcing me to pay for another ride
Was awkwardly and unintentionally passive aggressive with everyone at my internship
Left work late and almost immediately tripped while crossing a busy street, wrecking both of my knees
Managed my time poorly resulting in getting “dinner” from an understocked Starbucks
Got my now bruised, swollen finger caught in a car door
Came home to discover my favorite show might be committing suicide

But at least I managed not to openly sob during the excellent Life Itself. Things can always be worse.

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Today at work this guy sitting behind me was playing Reflektor in its entirety on repeat and then he got bored and started playing Vespertine and why aren’t we friends

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some real questions

  • why are you not watching the chris gethard show
  • why are you not watching the chris gethard show live

i just did for the first time + hung out in the chatroom and i don’t understand why i haven’t been doing that since i discovered the show. 

but the most real question of all is

  • why haven’t i been watching this show since day 1

some things are life-changing. this is one such thing.

I recently and unexpectedly got a second interview for a writing internship with an entertainment blog. The interview process involves coming up with pitches and writing articles, which is what I’ve been devoting my week to in between working at two jobs full time (specifically just this week, too). For the first time in years, I was thinking and writing about things that I have a non-academic interest in, and letting myself be less self-consciously pretentious and instead focusing on that “comical” voice I used to obsess over cultivating. Most importantly, I actually enjoyed writing, looked forward to it; because of how badly I want this job and the time constraints I had to do all of this under, it felt stressful, but the act of writing itself was fun in a way I forgot was possible. The likelihood that I’ll get this job is insanely slim, and I doubt I’m a good fit for the site, anyway, but I hope I’ll chase this feeling and get back into the whole writing thing, because I’ve finally realized how much I missed it.

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the other day i was stuck in a car with my insane boss for 2 hours and one of her many rants somehow led to her saying that she calls beyoncé ”be-yonce,” that she refuses to pronounce it properly because “that’s not a real name”

this coupled with her assertion that gay people are “so funny and ridiculous” despite her claiming to be bisexual has confirmed for me that she is the absolute worst

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