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i am sitting on the floor eating an apple and smiling BECAUSE I AM LEAVING FOR PARIS TODAY



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It’s a party it’s a party #ThankYouBasedMom (at Mánesova ulice)

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despite my weird email drama, today has proven to be the most successful one in a long time. not only did i leave my bed, pay my credit card bill, and apply to over 15 (!!!!!) internships, i finally booked my flight to PARIS. 

my bank account (and sprained ankle) may be crying, but i couldn’t feel more accomplished.

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it thickens

so i sent my “professor” a reply to her crappy email earlier basically saying she sucks, but in my typical good girl nicey nice way. i told her that i was sorry about my “unexcused absence” although i found her poor organization a little bit frustrating. BUT i admitted there was no real excuse for me having missed it and apologized.

her response? a page-long play-by-play basically calling me a whiny, lying idiot who clearly doesn’t pay attention or thinks she’s entitled or is utterly brain dead. no joke: it’s a page-long, with scare quotes and references to my apparent ineptitude. if i actually respected her at all, i would probably cry, but instead i kind of can’t stop laughing.

my reply? “sorry!” boom. 

so the biggest downside of studying abroad is that the classes here are terrible. i take two of my classes with this absolutely weird and horrendous lady who makes me physically uncomfortable and at this point emotionally distraught. she’s gone from meek and awkward and non-threatening to, like, blatantly aggressive. (yes, to be fair, the thing she threw at me was a bandage for my sprained ankle, but still! such force! i recoiled in confusion and fear.)

i handed in my response paper to her on tuesday with the caveat that, hey, my handwriting is godawful and illegible and if you want i can type this up for you because i didn’t have time to do that earlier and normally that’s what i do. but no, she stammered, “i will try to read it.” yeah, okay, lady. even i can’t read my handwriting half the time. don’t say i didn’t warn you. 

this morning i got an email from her entitled “handwriting”: “your handwriting is impossible to read,” she wrote. she followed that loving platitude with the news that i am very likely to fail the final exam unless i “work on my handwriting,” as if i can just do that, develop better penmanship in a month and a half after some 17 years of chicken scratch, scrawled by a hand held hostage by poor dexterity (despite years of gaming). 

if that wasn’t enough, she ended this wonderful “good morning” note by letting me know that i now have my first of a maximum two unexcused absences because i missed a screening she will likely be reimbursed for of a film that’s over a year old and that she never once gave me any information on whether or not my attendance was required - or even where to go.

what a charming, lovely, amiable lady. and by that i mean i hope to see her go down in flames before this semester is over.

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she had wet hair say what you will i don’t care i couldn’t resist it

today this girl in my class was questioning whether she should sit “by the window or by the wall”

immediately i responded with an emphatic “THAT’S A CLASSIC LIL’ JON PROBLEM”

she didn’t laugh, or get it

thus began today’s downward spiral into depression

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look what i finally found

bless you bohemia bagel ;____;