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These are my 50 favorite tracks of 2012, for your listening pleasure. (Because, obviously, you all highly respect my musical taste and were awaiting such a compilation with bated breath. Of course.) They’re not in any specific order. (Although if I had to pick a #1 favorite, it would be “White Wave” by Princess Music.)

I liked this year, musically, quite a bit. There was a lot of great new music to be discovered and fall in (and out of) love with. Nice job, 2012.

Title: Kiss Me Crazy Artist: Bear in Heaven 787 plays


“Kiss Me Crazy” by Bear In Heaven

Here’s a mix I made. It’s called “when did you know?”: “What you were listening to when you realized that you wanted him, too.” 

I’m weirdly addicted to 8tracks, alright? Here’s a new one: “all year long, we wait for sun.”

"Summer jams to strut to, 2012-style."