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  • Interviewer: Which has more wire-work, Spidey or The Social Network?
  • Andrew Garfield: What’s funny is in that scene where I smash the computer, I had my hands attached to a wire because I got so tired. I had a whole rigging team with wires lifting my hands like puppeteers.
  • Interviewer: Wait, what?
  • Andrew Garfield: Also I was too lazy to walk, so they put wires on my toes and heels when I needed to walk backwards. There was a scene where I flew, which I’m sure will be on the DVDs. I’m so mad at Mark, I flew at him in a rage.
  • Interviewer: Oh you’re joking. Damn your dry British wit. You had me. You’re a good actor.
  • Andrew Garfield: Yeah, I’m good on the phone.

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I wonder if it’s awkward for Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield now that Andrew Garfield’s dating Emma Stone

because Jesse made out with her first and everything

but I mean I guess it’s different when you’re an actor and you have to make out with Emma Stone for your job

But yeah, I think about this.

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“Garfield leaves to change into his own, casual clothes before returning to crouch behind the camera as it hovers close to Eisenberg. Just before the camera rolls, he leans toward the Zombieland star and hisses, ‘You’re a fucking dick and you betrayed your best fucking friend. Live with that.’ It’s shocking to hear. It certainly helps with the take. And it is evidence both of Garfield’s professional generosity and Fincher’s nous – for the abuse was at the director’s instruction.” [Empire On-Set Report]

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So I just found this on my computer. Alrighty then.

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9 favourite pictures of Andrew Garfield

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