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A squirrel just woke me up by shouting “HEY!” repeatedly outside my window I hate nature please kill me


Boyhood was amazing.

Not only did I see Neutral Milk Hotel today but I started the day spending three hours in a curiously rumbling, mostly empty theater watching Boyhood. It was amazing, indeed. Never have I felt more aware of the passage of time or understood its connection to life in such a meaningful, relevant way. You bet I was the last person walking out of there, unable to move until I had no other option. I was sobbing like a mother, Mason’s mother, because I too was scared, and proud, and feeling abandoned, but I was also reminded that 12 years can fly by so fast, but that doesn’t mean that big changes don’t happen in that time frame. In fact, they are plentiful, blooming in a subtle fashion, especially now that I’m older. Hair can change bluntly, as can location, but who we are is this fantastic quiet thing that only reveals itself to those with patience, who really want to know.


when vw did house parties

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I’m excited that they’re reissuing The Power of Failing but I would like a word with whoever decided to change the font. How dare they? The Power of Failing was the best thing Comic Sans had going for it.

Changing the font on The Power of Failing is why I rebuke my generation.

Anonymous asked: hey there! i have a ticket for nmh tomorrow night, and Im confused whether or not I will have a specific reserved seat or is it just GA first come first serve? like my ticket says GA standing but it also says row GA5 seat 403? i'm confused! what was your experience like? thanks so much!

Hey anon! The bandshell is standing only, as far as I could tell. (You can sit on the lawn behind it, as well, if that’s your preference.) The seat number on your ticket doesn’t refer to any actual seat - once you enter the concert section of the park, you can just go stand wherever you’d like as you would at any GA show. (Again, you can sit down on the lawn if staying seated is your priority over proximity to Jeff and Scott’s beards. I chose the latter.)

Title: Naomi Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel 12,243 plays

Your prettiness is seeping through
Out from the dress I took from you, so pretty

I’ve decided that if I ever successfully trick a man into marrying me I’m naming my daughter after this song.

Tonight reminded me that On Avery Island always sounds the best live, maybe because I’m less fanatic about it. It feels like it belongs to Neutral Milk Hotel, while In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is my album, for me to listen to when I’m sad or bored or lonely or lost or just want to laugh at the inside jokes I share with those songs, which are some of my best friends since I was 15.

And of those excellent Avery Island tracks, it’s “Naomi” that always leaves me speechless and smiling; it’s the energy that surges through it, the reverent affection and the tinge of anger and the ups and downs of nostalgia. So pretty.

Look who I found at the Neutral Milk Hotel concert lawl

"You should write, ‘I thought it smelled like shit in here’" - @500daysofeffyou

Title: Nerves Artist: Silkworm 101 plays



Ingmar Bergman — ca. 1936.

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